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It takes courage to stand for something. Successful brands know this, and it allows them to tell their story courageously. What you stand for informs every decision, big or small, you make for your business.
It's that important. Courage is your secret weapon, giving you an edge. It's the force behind your business plan and the rally-cry for your employees, creating a groundswell within your ranks. We'll help you question the obvious, look at things from a different angle, and break free from the pack.
To help you continuously evolve and stay relevant. We are for your courageous brand. We are For Brandkind.

small, but mighty

Bringing the big branD experiencE.


Michele REITER

Brand Strategy

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I’ve found that in this business you’ve got to be nimble and deliver results now, always keeping your eye on the uncovered, the unseen opportunity that drives business growth. I’ve led great teams at BBDO Atlanta, Chicago and DDB International, solving communications problems for blue chip companies: McDonalds, JCPenney, Delta Air Lines, 

Safeway and Stolichnaya Vodka.


Brand Engagement

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Driven, effective brand curator combines

creative inspiration, strategic insight,

and interpersonal style to build brands

Over 20 years of experience inventing powerful, integrated selling ideas for blue-chip brands executing and engaging them seamlessly across platforms including digital media, video,

print, social networks, promotional events and experiential marketing.

Matt Horton

Brand Storytelling

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From big agency, big brand experience 

to small nimble start up’s I'm

strategically driven, fully integrated, 

extraordinarily creative thinker. 

Always solving business challenges in 

unconventional, memorable ways. 

An eclectic creative pedigree,

always reinventing the way I do things. 
My non-sequitur sense of humor makes people laugh at unexpected things, but my serious and caring nature 

doesn’t go unnoticed.

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Sean Berringer

Brand Content/Editor

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For over two decades, I've been editing nationally recognized advertising campaigns for dozens of major brands, including Miller Lite, Sears, Juicy Fruit, Right Guard, Nintendo, Coors Lights, McDonald's and Toyota among many others. I believe in passion for growth in the market and storytelling through film.



Brand Outreach

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I’ve done it from the ground up. 

Building a range of experience 

in media strategy, planning and 

buying for clients across diverse 

business, non-profit and political 

issue categories. I’ve always looked
for the best way to target 
audiences vertically and through broad reach

tactics. My strength is creating a memorable brand experience that

gets the job done.

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